Call for price

Call For Price - One of the most hightly useful magento Extensions. This mod add new product tab at administration that allows hide price for all types of products on category and product page. Also you can hide add to cart button if you want.

Make sure that you have compilation disabled before installing extension. System > Tools > Compilation page and click on Disable button. After Installation you can enable compilation back.

In case you are upgrading from version 0.1.3 or lover please make sure you changes your template files according installation manual

Installation: Open in admin System->Magento ® Connect-> Magento ® ConnectManager and upload archive to the system.


-Hide price and/or Add to cart button from Product page & Product Grid/List

- Custom message instead price

- Bulk update of message and options

- You can select just hide price or add to cart button

- Work for all product types

- Bulk upload from .csv file

-Support Customer Groups

Pease READ Installation Instructions before installation!

Installation Instructions

Bulk upload Example csv file


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