Magento ® ExtensionsSometimes you need to hide price on magento page, and show it only for certain customer groups or customers. For example you have special products which should show price only for registered customers, or for customer which in Wholesale customer group. Then go around a lot of topics on magento forum and stackoverflow you get lots of solutions, but some of them not working property or has a lot of changes which may cause bad influence for you store.
So for those who dont have a lot of experience with magento and what replace price messages to another message Like Call For Price, Get a Quote, Call For Order or something similar and do it for different customer groups here is perfect solution - Call For Price Extension (Hide Price)

The Call For Price extension allows you to replace price for certain products with your own message. You can specify different message for each of your products. In case you want to show price for some customers but show message price for other customer you can simply specify Customer Groups for which extension should work.
If you have a lot of products and its hard to update all of them to use Call For Price Extension you may use mass update for selected products on admin product grid. In case you dont have time for it you may simply make feed same format as it in manual and upload values. Dont waste your time for research and get your business grow with Call For Price Extension. Check it out right now at Magento ® Connect or Extension Page