Magento ® have categories as main point of subselection of items. Also we can tag any of product with unlimited number of tags. However there is no way to display page with tagged products by default, and here you can use Sashas Widget Tag Products. This widget allows you yo show products in similar to category page view using product from selected tag or union of tags.


So basically if we want to show all our products from particular brand we can tag all of products with this brand name tag and after that show it on cms page. Plus of it that we will not have mess of categories and brands in Magento ® Categories and any of functionality or perfomance won't be affected!

How to setup it?

First we need to tags with specific tag all prodcut that we want to show. Once it is done we open CMS->Pages and select option "Create New Page". There we put page name, url on page information tab. Next on Content tab click on the icon "Insert Widget" ans select "Tag Products"

After that you will see options window where we can select Show or not Layered Naviagation (It will be shown on left if selected), Products per page show how much product will be shown in one page and what will be selection for them. Product per row sets how much product should be placed in one row. After that we have scroller where possible to select one of few tags, oroducts from them will be shown on the page. If you will select few tags product from both of them will appear, it will be union of few tags. The last option is "Default Sort By" It will set how products will be sorted by default.

Once settings are set click "Insert Widget" and widget will be inserted into the cms page. Next step is check for Design tab, there you can select if layout of the page will be 1 column, 2 colums with left navigation or 3 columns. If you are advanced user of magento there you can also use layout updates.

Once page is saved we can open it at the frontend part of the site and see how it looks.

It was Final step, now you can try to build your custom category pages based on tags!

P.S. Download Extesnion