FEMEN AGAINTS LUkashenkoThe leader of the FEMEN movement Anna Gutsol told Radio Liberty what kind of measures the organization's leadership will take to return to Belarus democratic freedoms.

"I understand, the demand to open a criminal case in the country where there is no law in principle, is unreal. We'll demand the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to write a diplomatic note. We'll demand the international community to impose international sanctions, but not economic, it's not necessary for Belarusian people to suffer. we will demand to send troops, to liberate the people of Belarus from the gangsters, KGB agents, from Lukashenko the bandit. To write applications? Where are we going to write applications? To your KGB? It makes no sense, we will defend the offended girls by our own methods. We'll continue our protests, we will do everything possible to embarrass, humiliate and ridicule in the eyes of Belarusian and international community such a barbaric structure as the KGB", Anna Gutsol said.

As UDF.BY wrote earlier, FEMEN activists - Alexandra Nemchinova, Inna Shevchenko and Oksana Shachko, who hold the action in the afternoon of 19 December in front of the KGB headquarters in Minsk against the Lukashenko regime, were arrested by unknown at a railway station. Throughout the night the girls were abused, thrown in a forest not far from the Belarusian-Ukrainian border - without documents and cell phones. Local people gave a first aid to the girls. Afterwards, in Becki village came police and representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy, which transported the girls to their homeland.

At five in the morning FEMEN activists were in Kiev.

Gutsol convinced, that the girls were captured by Belarusian special services, who followed them, planned the seizure, professionally blocked and beat them and then filmed all this.

She believes, the filming, when the invaders forced girls to hold Nazi symbols, was made on purpose, and this corresponds to previous attempts of discrediting, which he KGB allowed themselves.


"Радыё Свабода" публикует рассказа девушек о том, как их схватили, издевались и избивали.

Инна Шевченко: "Мы попали в руки неизвестных людей, которые издевались над нами. Нам говорили, что это последние часы нашей жизни".

Оксана Шачко: "Мы поняли, что за нами следили раньше, мы увидели слежку еще когда выходили из квартиры. Эти 7-8 мужчин появились ниоткуда, схватили нас под руки и стали тащить. Инна пыталась кричать. Но ее сразу ударили по лицу. Ни один человек на вокзале не обратил на это внимания, и наоборот люди даже отвернулись от нас. Люди в Беларуси очень запуганные, они всего боятся.

Нас двоих (Инну и Оксану) запихнули в машину, а Сашу вообще в другую машину. Эти люди сначала представлялись правоохранительными органами Беларуси.

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